Susann Taylor Shier

Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Healer and medium

Aileen Castellano

Wealthness Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Ascension Mentor, Speaker and Author

Ricci-Jane Adams

Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

Lise Cartwright

Author and Creative Entrepreneur

Katrena Friel

Spiritual Abundance Coach

Lisa Marie Grantham

Business & Mindset Coach

Kim Boudreau Smith

Multi-media Maven

Kathy Stowell

Creativity and Simplicity Coach

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Founder of Sacred Women’s Business Coaching

Heidi Richards Mooney

Author, Professional Speaker, Business Coach and Internet Marketer

Cathy Christen

Spirited Boss Babe

Dr. Anita Jackson

Feminine Transformational Mentor, Speaker, Leader, and Success Coach

Karen Chaston

Beyond Loss Life Coach

Laura Bushnell

Spiritual Guide and Channel of Light

Karen Russo

Author and Coach

Jennifer MacFarlane

The Money Medium

Sandra Vesterstein

Founder of Thrive Learning Collective

Ariella Indigo

Ascension Guide

Karina Stephens

Modern Day Alchemist

Elizabeth Tobin

Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Nancy Solomon

Founder of The Leadership Incubator

Honovi Strongdeer

New Thought Leader, Ambassador for Extraterrestrial Contact, Medicine Woman and Soul Purpose Coach

This event will give you the tools and strategies YOU NEED to:

1. Liberate yourself from limiting money stories, allowing you to receive spiritually aligned wealth that feels AMAZING!

2. Create completely achievable pathways OUT of scarcity and lack using your soul-gifts

3. Know YOUR EXACT STEPS towards creating your freedom filled life while maintaing the responsibilities of your current life

4. Be inspired and excited to see how others have created massive wealth without losing their spiritual side and connection with source

5. Radically shift your consciousness around money, spirituality and the valuable contribution you can make that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!


Toni-Anne Campbell

Toni-Anne is a psychologist and Spiritual Success Coach, helping women come out of hiding, express their deepest truth, and powerfully bring forward their soul gifts to create wealth and success that the love!

Toni-Anne has created her own freedom-filled business with Under the Bodhi Tree, working with women who have felt the yearning for more, who are now ready to actualize their souls abundance and realize the deeper vision flowing through their life; women who are unapologetic and uncompromising in claiming their desire to experience soul-infused wealth and abundance.

Having worked as a Spiritual Psychotherapist for nearly 2 decades, Toni-Anne provides deep and lasting transformation by supporting women to remember the fullness of their being, embody their feminine wisdom and reclaim their power to co-create with the universe!

Toni-Anne now gets to connect with amazing women all over the world, helping them create soul-infused abundance.